Colorado Driver Hand Book

Luật lái Xe TB. Colorado (Test #14)

501.-Which of the following is true about driving on a wet roadway:

* As you drive faster, your tires become less effective,

* Water does not affect cars with good tires

* Deeper water is less dangerous

* As you decrease your speed, the roadway becomes more slippery

502.- How should drivers apply the gas pedal

Gradually and smoothy

As quickly as possible

By lightly tapping

Whichever way they feel is best for them

503.- The boss chews you out just before quitting time. You don't say much, but you think he is unfair and you are angry. Ehat should you do?

Play the radio loud so you won't think about it

Drive fast on the interstate so you can let off steam

Take a few minutes to cool off before you drive home

Stop in at tour favorite bar and have a few drinks before driving home

504.- When it's permissible to text while driving

At any time when the driver is under 18

At any time whten thr driver is 18 or older

If the driver can send a text without looking at their phone

Only in emergencies

505.- Drinking coffe after drinking alcohol

Decreases blood alcohol content

Cancels the effect of the alcohol

Has no effect on blood alcohol content

increases blood alcohol content

506.- Reversable lanes are indicated by:

Double broken yellow lines

Double solid white lines

Double solid yellow lines

A single solid yellow line

507.-You may drive in an HOV lane if :

You are driving faster than the flow of traffic

You are driving more slowly than the flow of traffic

Your vehicle has more than one occupant

You are trying to get somewhere quickly

508.- If you are driving behind a motorcycle, you must

Allow the motorcycle to use a complete lane

Drive on the shoulder beside the motorcycle

Allow the motorcycle to use only half a lane

Pass in the same lane where the motorcycle is driving

509.- When can you proceed through an intersection that has a stop sign but no stop line or crosswalk

After slowing down to enisue there is no cross-traffic

After coming to a complete STOP and ensuring it is safe to proceed

After you have stopped at least 30ft prior to the intersection

After slowing down to at least 5 miles per hour before proceeding