Colorado Driver Hand Book

Luật lái Xe TB. Colorado (Test #6)

1.Which of the following is used on some highways to direct drivers into the proper lanes for turning?

White arrows in the middle of the lanes.

Mũi tên trắng IN trên mặt đường

2.If you have the right-of-way at an intersection, you should

Check for traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists before moving forward

Kiểm soát giao thông, NLX đạp, trước khi đi

3.Hydroplaning is usually caused by:

Excessive speed

Ði nhanh quá mức

4.It is important to slow down:

(1)On narrow or winding roads; (2)At intersections or railroad crossings; (3)When the road is wet or slippery

1.- trên đường đèo, 2.- ngã tư và đường XE lửa 3.- đường ướt và trơn trượt

5.You are driving at night and another vehicle is approaching. Your head lamps:

Should be on low beam

Dùng đèn lái thường

6.The seat belt should be adjusted so that it:

Is buckled snugly across your hip bones and lower abdomen

Phải chằng chắc chắn vào xương hông và bụng dưới

7.Blood alcohol content (BAC) depends on each of the following except:

How physically fit you are (tricky question: Not (1)Your body weight, (2)How much you drink, (3)How much time passes between drinks)

Trừ 1,2,3 không cần "khoẻ mạnh"

8.Braking distance is affected by:

the speed your vehicle is traveling, the condition of your brakes and tires, the condition of the pavement

1.- Tốc độ xE đang Ði, 2.- Tình trạng Thắng và lốp xeXE, 3.- Tình trạng đường xá

9.On a two-lane street, your vehicle is being followed by a fire engine that is not using emergency signals. You should:

Continue to drive in a normal manner

Ði Như thường lệ

10.A leaky exhaust system in your vehicle is dangerous because it can cause:


Khí Thải ô nhiễm

11.Distractions that take a driver's attention away from driving:

can be caused by any of : (1)using a CD player, iPod, PDA or GPS while driving by, (2)eating or drinking while driving, (3)pets moving around inside the vehicle

Cả 3 điều trên đều đúng

12.When you see other drivers around you acting or reacting in anger:

(1)Don't make eye contact, (2)Slow down, move over, or do whatever you can safely., (3)Distance yourself from the situation

Không Nhìn thẳng vào Mắt Ði chậm Lại QUA LANE khác, Bỏ QUA Việc Này Ði

13.When in a motor vehicle on a highway, it is

Illegal to either drink from or possess open containers of alcohol in the passenger compartment.

Úống ruợu và hay có bình chứa ruợu mở nắp là bất hợp pháp cho KDH (Passenger)

14.You must stop for a railroad crossing when

(1)Directed by a flagger,(2) Controlled by a stop sign, (3)Flashing red signals and gates are present and operating.

Cả 3 điều trên đều đúng

15.Regulatory signs are usually _____ and should always be obeyed.


Mầu trắng (vì là luậ)

16.Seat belts can be most effective as injury preventive devices when they are worn by

the driver

NLX, KDH và con nít từ 8 đến 18 tuổi

17.When turning left, drivers must yield the right-of-way to

(1)Other drivers who are still in the intersection, (2)Oncoming traffic Pedestrians who are in the intersection(3)

Cả 3 điều trên đều đúng

18.-When a driver sees an animal on the roadway

the driver should be very cautious

NLX phải thật Thận trọng

19.-What should you do if your vehicle's right wheels leave the pavement?

Take your foot off the accelerator, slow down, then ease back onto the road when it is safe to do so

Bỏ chân ga ra , đi chậm lại và từ từ lái vào đường chính

20.-If two vehicles arrive at a four-way stop at the same time

The vehicle on the left must yield to the vehicle on the right

Xe ở bên trái phải nhường cho xe ở bên phải

21.-When you become too drowsy to focus on driving, your safest choice is to

Pull off of the road and rest

Ghé vào lề đường và nghỉ ngơi

22.-To turn left on multi-lane streets and highways, you should start from

The left lane

LANE bên trái

23.You inadvertently drive your vehicle into the side of an unattended parked vehicle and you cannot locate the vehicle's owner. You as a driver:

Must leave a written notice containing your name and address and circumstances of the accident.

Phải viết giấy để lại tên tuổi, địa chỉ và lý do hoàn cảnh đụng xe

24.- You may not cross a single broken white (or yellow) line:

When to do so would interfere with traffic

Khi không xen vàO Giao thông

25.A driver with a Blood Alcohol Concentration between ______ is presumed to be Driving While Ability is Impaired (DWAI) and is subject to legal repercussions.

.05 and .07 percent

Từ 0.05% đến 0.07%